Money saving tricks for students

Whether it’s your first year at university or your fourth, the way you
manage your money will have a huge impact on your uni life. So, to help you experience the joys of student budgeting without going completely broke I have gathered few pointers I have learnt over the years.

Your student card is your ticket to a life filled with discounts Restaurants, takeaway places, hair salons and even certain boutiques in the city often offer student discounts. It is always worth making sure that you carry your student card with you and could ask if the place offers any discounts.

Join student apps like UniDays and studentbeans to save up money on online shopping. Nowadays everyone loves Amazon and as students we get a special offer that will get us 6 months of Amazon prime absolutely free and then after that if you decide to upgrade you get 50% off.

Join reward programs from where you do your grocery shopping. Tesco and Sainsbury offer points whenever you shop, and hoard up points to claim money off, free treats and other discounts. Additionally, don’t shop when you’re hungry. I have done this mistake so many times and picked out things I didn’t even need and couldn’t fit in my fridge. Before you go food shopping, make a meal plan for the week and a shopping list. This will save you time and avoid impulse buys!

It’s coming back to quarantine times, so why not team, up with your flatmates for a cooking session! Google food recipes, divide the cost between the ingredients and prepare a lovely meal together. This will not only save you money but also keep you safer staying at home.

Buy, Swap and sell. Websites like gumtree and Facebook market are ways to freely advertise your old clothes, house furniture and school supplies to earn extra cash ! This also implies that you can buy pre-owned items for cheaper price. I remember when I bought a projector on gumtree for half its original price for my dorm. We not only split the cost since we all shared the projector but also it was such a good investment for movie nights.

Look for pocket-friendly weekend getaways. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from Dundee and explore the little towns nearby. Don’t overpay for transport, instead use Dundee’s amazing public transport with stagecoach and Xplore buses. You should download their apps so you can get the student discount for weekly passes. Additionally, if you travel via train make sure to sign up for 16-25 railcard, costing £30 per year. This will give you a third off all rail fares and will save you money.

Switch energy supplier. This applies to students living in private accommodation since their rent doesn’t cover energy bills. Companies like bulb offer £50 credit when you and your friends join bulb by sharing links. You can also use websites like Uswitch to compare the prices from different energy companies that would suit you.

Lastly, now that you know all the tricks to save up money you can contribute it to your emergency fund. Unforeseen events can arise where we need to financially be prepared for. Especially during these difficult times, it can be hard to save up money however every little bit counts.

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