My Favourite Places in Dundee

Today I thought I’d share some positivity and promote some of my favourite places in Dundee. Most of these are restaurants and cafes because I’m obsessed with food, but there’s also some different places I’d recommend you visit in Dundee. Whether you’re a fresher wanting to discover this new city you’ve moved to, or a fourth year, like me, trying to create a Dundee bucket list before you move away, I hope this list helps you in your endeavours!

The first place I have to recommend is my favourite place to go to for dinner: Rancho Pancho. It’s situated on Commercial Street, right in the city centre – and only about 5 minutes away from my flat! They serve Mexican food and amazing cocktails. I thoroughly recommend if you’ve never been there before, especially if you’re a fan of fajitas!

Another favourite of mine is Tahini. This is a small restaurant that serves Mediterranean/Lebanese food on Bank Street, which is just off Reform Street and behind the Overgate. Tahini is perfect for lunch or dinner, but they’ve also recently opened a little lunch takeaway spot opposite DJCAD which I’m yet to try. If it’s anything like the main restaurant, it’ll be fantastic!

The next place I’ve got to recommend is the Overgate! Perfect for your Christmas shopping, the Overgate shopping centre is the place to go if you need anything from the most popular high street stores. There are of course more shops throughout the city centre, especially between the Overgate and the Wellgate, but the Overgate is the best place to start in my opinion!

If you’re a film buff like myself and you love getting student discounts, the DCA is the next place I’ll recommend to you! DCA stands for Dundee Contemporary Arts, and it’s a very unique building. Inside you have the cinema, which is what I personally primarily use it for, a bar/restaurant, and a little gift shop selling unique independent artists’ work. It’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon, and student tickets to the cinema are only a fiver!

This one is a bit more outdoorsy, but even if you’re not an outdoorsy person I think you’ll enjoy it. The Law! The Law is the big hill you can see from almost anywhere in Dundee that has a war memorial at the very top of it. There are a few different ways to climb to the top, and you can even drive it if you don’t fancy walking, but it doesn’t take that long to climb even if you’re inexperienced like me. The views from the top are incredible and it’s a lovely picnic spot.

The next place is a new one for me, but even after only being twice I have to recommend it! It’s the Brothy on Whitehall Street, right in the city centre. It is apparently Dundee’s first artisan bakery and cafe! It’s perfect for studying or meeting friends for a chat, and I would thoroughly recommend the hot sourdough sandwich meal. It’s a lovely little place!

That’s all the places I’m going to recommend today, but I might make a part 2 to this… tell me what you think! I hope you enjoy visiting the places I’ve recommended.

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