TV shows that are worth binging during level 3 restrictions

While we are not allowed to meet up with family and friends indoors anymore, 
with the exception of extended households, that does not mean that we shouldn’t hang out with our friends online! 

In this post, I will introduce you to two Google Chrome extensions called Teleparty, (previously Netflix Party), and TwoSeven. Teleparty lets you stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO content while also letting all users chat, pause and rewind the movie or tv show. TwoSeven also includes a call function, allowing users to see and hear each-other while watching anything from YouTube to files in your computer. 

So now that we got the technical aspect out of the way, here are my recommendations on the best (comedy and romance) shows to binge-watch!

  1. Lucifer

Lucifer presents a modern-day story of the devil himself, working as a police consultant in the LAPD. This show is a mix of comedy, mystery and romance, though I would not call it a romcom since it takes quite a while for Mr. Morningstar to make his move on the Detective. It’s a light-hearted show that is perfect to binge-watch since all five seasons will keep you on your toes, but not too much. Watch a preview here.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

B99 follows the hilarious adventures of Jake Peralta and the 99th Precinct of the NYPD, as they fight criminal activity in Brooklyn. The series also tackles other topics such as homophobia and PTSD, all while entertaining the viewers with the broad mix of characters and one-liners. The seven seasons and 143 episodes available are sure to keep you and your friends busy all the way through quarantine! Watch a preview here

  • The Real Housewives franchise 

TRH is honestly the most entertaining reality television show that I have EVER watched. It shows viewers the lush lives of housewives all across the USA since 2005. Filled with drama, romance, hysterical fights and of course, lavish lifestyles, the show does not disappoint its viewers. Most of you that are often on Twitter and Instagram will be familiar with memes made on the show, including this one and this one. Need I say more?

  • On My Block

OMB tells the story of four teenagers living in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles in 3 thrilling seasons. The show is filled with drama, comedy and romance, as it follows the adventures of Monsé, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar, while they try to end gang violence in their neighborhood. Lies, dirty money, murder and prejudice make this story more than just another teen drama. You can watch a preview here.

  • Good Girls

Good Girls is one of the few shows all of my friends have equally enjoyed watching, and thus I’ve saved this gem for last. It follows the story of three broke best friends who just happen to have a total of 7 children combined between them. When they decide to rob their local supermarket, the story takes a wild turn, as the girls accidentally steal a secret gang’s dirty money and put themselves and their families in more danger than they ever thought possible. It is a comedy that will keep you wanting more, even if that means that the girls will have to risk their lives to provide us with quality content. Catch a glimpse of the story here.

I hope this list gave you at least a bit of inspiration as to what you could add to your watchlist! I hope you and your close ones stay safe and still find ways to enjoy each other’s company.  

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