TV shows that are worth binging during level 3 restrictions (part 2)

While we are not allowed to meet up with family and friends indoors anymore, 
with the exception of extended households, that does not mean that we shouldn’t hang out with our friends online! 

In part 1 of the post, I linked two different Google Chrome extensions that can connect you with your friends and family, helping you watch videos online, while also video calling or chatting, in order to stay in line with the new Level 3 restrictions.

In this part, I will give you my top 5 drama/mystery TV shows that you can binge-watch alone or with a group of friends while staying in the comforts of your own bed. Hopefully they will make this extra time you spend at home fly by!

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale

THT is set in a dystopian USA, where an unforeseen war has left the country in shock of the new regime. Women are now either Handmaids, used to bare children for the Wives (not to be mistaken with the Econowives that had to bare their own children), Marthas, or else known as housekeepers, Jezebel’s dancers, illegal prostitutes that only existed for the pleasure of the commanders, and the Colony women, that were used as slaves working in mint plantations. The show follows one Handmaid in particular, Offred, and her fight for freedom. You can watch a preview here.

  • How to Get Away With Murder

HTGAWM is a thrilling show set in a Philadelphia, specifically Middleton University, and follows law professor Annalise Keating along with her team of the five best students in her class, the Keating Five. Multiple murders, multiple suspects and only one Annalise to protect them all. 

The six seasons keep the audience on their toes, as they show how Annalise and her students deal with their extremely busy professional lives, as well as their messed up personal lives. It is definitely a show that will make you laugh, cry, will make you angry, but also will make you fall in love with each and every one of the characters. Watch a preview here.

  • Locke & Key

L&K is a supernatural horror drama Netflix original that recently came out on the platform. While there is only one season available at the moment, the show is definitely worth checking out (and the second season is on the way)! It follows three siblings, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, that move from Seattle to Massachusetts, and take residence in Keyhouse, their family home. In a very Narnia-esque manner, the children start to find keys throughout the house that can unlock multiple magical doors. They soon discover that they are not the only ones looking for the keys, as a demonic entity is also searching for them, in order to set itself free. You can catch a glimpse of the show here.

  • Baby

Baby is a show that me and my best friend spent a lot of time binge-watching (online!) during lockdown. It is based on real story, set in one of the richest neighborhoods in Rome, presenting the lives of two rich best friends, Chiara and Ludovica. Both want to earn quick cash, deciding to prostitute themselves. Money rolls in quick, but so does real love and crime, and bullying…and death. Together, the two friends attempt to save the people that accidentally got involved into illegal activities because of them, managing to get themselves into even more trouble. Will they be able to have a happy ever after, after all? Check it out here (watch with subtitles!).

  • The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a very exciting crime drama that I have been watching since 2013! It follows FBI Agent Keen and high-profile criminal, Raymond Reddington, wanted worldwide, that voluntarily surrenders after decades on the run. With the use of his Blacklist, which has over 100 names in it, Reddington manages to get full immunity from prosecution. The show keeps the viewer wanting more, as the duo catches more and more criminals. But Reddington also has other plans in mind, as he continues to live a double life, putting Agent Keen in danger while trying to save her from his world. Watch a preview here (new season comes out this Sunday!). 

I hope this list gave you at least a bit of inspiration as to what you could add to your watchlist! I hope you and your close ones stay safe and still find ways to enjoy each other’s company.  

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