How to get into the Christmas spirit

Christmas is slowly (or should I say quickly) approaching although as a student caught up in the middle-of-semester-stress I think it often catches you by surprise when we’re suddenly in December, and before we know it deadlines are over and we realise we haven’t done anything Christmassy yet. I often end up buying presents last minute, leaving my flat without having done a lot of decorating and if I actually manage to do it, its only for a short while before Im heading home. BUT this year, with everything that s going on (thanks corona) Im determined to make sure I get in the proper Christmas spirit, the sooner the better and Im here to tell you exactly how Im planning to do so!

  1. First things first: streaming my favourite Christmas tunes and movies is one of the best things about the pre-Christmas weeks. Its one of those times where I really get consumed in my secret guilt pleasures of clichés, going back to my childhood memories and allow myself to really enjoy the cheesy, family-friendly films I usually forget all about. Whether it be the Grinch, The Holiday, I’ts beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ or ‘All I want for Christmas is you,’ any cliché you can think of when it comes to Christmas, you can count me in!
  2. Decorating and advent calender lights. Im unfortunetly not one of those adults who still gets chocolate calenders from my parents, but I do usually get my hands on one of the lights counting down to Christmas. Even though I usually leave Dundee efore its finished, its just something that really cheers me up and makes me feel christmassy. That and any other kind of decoration: a few years ago I managed to get my hands on a plastic christmas tree and its one of the best buys Ive made when it comes to my Christmas decor.
  3. Christmas baking. My fondesr childhood Christmas memories include the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread, foggy kitchen windows and the crackling fireplace while the darkness and coldness outside the windows seems far away. I love that we have so many Christmas specialities and I love baking. I usually combine this with playing my Christmas playlist too.
  4. Spend time with your family and friends. I think one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think about Christmas is that heartwarming cosyness and closeness with the ones I love all around me. I think corona really taught us all to slow down in our busy lives, but before that Christmas was my big pause. Id just take a deep breath, relax and really enjoy doing nothing special but just be with my near friends and family.

O’f course there are many more things to do but I think these are the first ones to do and then I’d say I can quite feel the Christmas spirit. What’s your favourite things to do in the time leading to Christmas Eve?

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