My Favourite Dundee Trails

As much as I would love to be off adventuring somewhere new, year 3 is keeping me around Dundee at the moment. While I cannot be scrambling up mountain trails right now, the city does have a few trails for small adventures that can still make you feel like you are miles away from uni.

The first three are actually within the city, I did include two more that are outside Dundee, but still local. For both, it is quite possible to cycle there and level 3 does still allow for travel out of Dundee for outdoor exercise within around 5 miles of the city (Dundee City Council website). Both can definitely also be used as future plans for when restrictions are eased.

Balgay Hill & The Law
These two are of course well-known, but many people stick to the paved paths up Balgay and take the most direct route up the Law, which is a shame. Both are lovely for long walks, great views, sunrises and sunsets, little trail runs and even some mountain biking. My favourite views would have to be from the trails on the north side of the Law towards the Sidlaws and from the top of The Coo Rd at the edge of Balgay towards the Law and across the city.

Riverside Nature Park
Very easy to reach by following the Green Circular along Riverside until the edge of the city. Here you will find trails without much elevation, views across the Tay and some Highland cows.

Camperdown, Clatto and Templeton
On the northwestern edge of the city, these are slightly further away than the first two, but still very easy to cycle to from the city centre and definitely worth the longer trip. There are a range of trails up here and a mix of small climbs and flat ground, you can definitely spend a fair part of the day walking, running or biking here. The Green Circular route passes through here too and makes for a great day exploring parts of Dundee you may not yet know. Camperdown also contains a small zoo, offering another possibility to combine activities.

Although it is outside Dundee, I still wanted to include Tentsmuir in the list. It is a pretty easy cycle across the bridge and past Tayport and it is even quite possible to walk there if you want to make it a full day trip. You will find a lovely set of trails, beaches, forest scenery and if you are lucky seals. You can also swim here, but at this time of year, it would be quite brave.

Lastly, although also not really in Dundee, I wanted to include all the lovely hills behind the town that make for wonderful local adventures. It is quite hard to do these by bus (and currently not recommended), but if you plan in enough time it is very possible to cycle out with a list of hills to choose from and endless trails around and the views are pretty great. 

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I'm a 4th-year Environmental Science student from Switzerland. I'm interested in all things outdoors and sports and mostly use this blog to talk about my adventure trips around Dundee and further afield, so come along while I discover Scotland bit by bit!

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