St Andrews Aquarium

Back in August before movement restrictions were imposed across Scotland, I was trying to explore bits of Scotland an make the most of what summer was left.

On one of these trips I took a bus to St Andrews which is a local seaside village about 30 minutes away. A small town with a lovely beach and pier. However, on this trip that I dragged my flatmate on I wanted to visit the Aquarium.

Whie it is not the biggest aquarium in Scotland, it has good online reviews and I was keen to find out more.

At a cost of 10 pounds to get in (with a student ticket) I was happy with this price. My new method of price compassion is to compare it to how many pints I could have brought with it long ago.

Image of Turtles

The aquarium has lots of species of fish, sharks and alligators even snapping turtles!

It also offers penguins and seals which if you plan your visit in advance you will get to see a seal show

My favourite exhibit was the Meerkats. As an avid fan of Meerkat Manor, it was really nice to see them up close!

Image of Merkats

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