How To Use A Planner To Stay Organised This Semester!

I don’t know about you, but I am not a naturally organised person. I’m always running late, I’m always forgetting my phone, and my socks are always mismatched.

If you ask any of my friends, however, they’ll tell you just how organised I am. That I’ve always done the reading for class, that I’ve always completed our study questions and, somehow, that I’ve already started working on my essay.

How do I manage to keep up this façade, you ask? Well, I’ve found a way to stay organised (well at least academically!) that works for me – a study planner!

The Benefits of Using a Planner –

Puts everything into perspective: I am a very visual person and I have found that using a planner helps me to keep on top of my studies as I can see what needs to be done and the time span I have to complete it.

Increases your productivity: Using a planner helps me to make the most out of both my busy and quieter days! On busy days, where I perhaps have a lot of classes, I can set myself fewer tasks to do and on quieter days I can set more!

You never miss a deadline: I always put my deadlines into my planner as soon as I can and then I am guaranteed not to forget!

My Top 5 Planner Tips –

Find a planner that works for you!

For the last three years, I have opted for a pocket-sized week by week planner so that I have been able to carry it around campus. However, as I am mainly studying from home this year, I have chosen a larger A5 sized planner.

You should go for one that suits you! Planners can come in all different layouts, colours and designs so they are also a fun way of expressing yourself!

Make your planner into your everyday routine!

I always make sure to add to my planner every day. Whether that be writing in new assignment deadlines or meetings I have planned.

As I am studying from home, I like to leave my planner open on the current week and treat it like a calendar! This way when I look at it every morning, I can see what the week ahead holds!

Prioritize your tasks!

On a Monday, I make a list in my planner of the top 10 things I need to have finished by the end of the week. Then I number each task from 1 to 10 in order of importance (with 1 being the most important and 10 the least important)!

This is super helpful as it enables me to prioritize the most urgent tasks and save some of the not as important ones until the end of the week!

Use it to create a work schedule!

When I have a lot of assignments due at the same time, I like to use my planner to break up the workload. For example, I will write down that on Monday I want to begin researching for assignment 1 and also to start making a plan for assignment 2. Then on Wednesday, I will set myself the goal of starting a plan for assignment 1 and also aim to start my essay for assignment 2.

I give myself small realistic goals to work towards every day and then I can feel as though I have achieved something by the end of the week!

Assign yourself some me-time!

I am very guilty of not taking enough time during the semester to chill so I like to use my planner to set aside evenings for some me-time! Sometimes this could be watching some Netflix, or it might be ordering in a takeaway or perhaps reading a book that’s not on my reading list!

This is so important as it helps me to de-stress and also leaves me feeling much more motivated the next day!

And those are my top 5 tips! I hope that you find this blog post useful! Happy planning everyone!

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