Academic Burnout

We are nearing to our Christmas break and losing our motivation to study. Feeling more exhausted and irritable with the raining weather? Less inspired and creative when trying to do work ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be at the verge or already having a burnout.

A burnout is when your body reacts to having prolonged stress over a period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight, you gradullay show signs like exhaustion , frustration, headaches, feeling emotionally drained and having difficulty concentrating at work.

When you notice burnout signs you’re usually past your breaking point and you push yourself to exhaustion which only damages your health further. Over the years, I have felt drained out especially during long semesters or near exam seasons. So, here are top 5 tips that have helped my friends and I overcome burnout and feel healthy and positive again.

Talking about your feelings
  1. Sharing your thoughts and stress with your support system like your closest friends or family could help you. Sometimes all you want is someone to patiently listen to you and in such cases you can go to your best pals. You could also try talking to the university’s inquiry centre to help you get advise or counselling if you have certain concerns.
Maintaining a healthy mind

2) Try ways to stop those racing thoughts and find peace. Apps like headspace and calm have mindfulness podcasts with variable durations. I am a big believer in reducing anxious thoughts by mindfulness exercises and yoga. I have been practising for years and they have helped me get better sleep. Which reminds me protect your sleep hours. Your body needs time to heal, so head to bed early to get those vital eight hours of beauty sleep.

Take a break

3) Take a stroll down Magdalen garden. Go watch the latest Netflix movie with your flatmates. Have a homemade spa day and dance to Ariana Grande’s new playlist. All I am trying to say is that sometimes we deserve to take a step back from our work. It is already hard due to the covid restrictions and staying inside your home all day doing online tutorials doesn’t help with the restlessness either. Take that time off to recharge your batteries and pursue your way to recovery.

Detox Time

4) Stop the overload of caffeine and booze instead opt for green tea and fruits. Minimize sugar and refined sugary snacks as they quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy. Take a break from technology. Disconnect from your laptop, phone, any electronical device for some time during the day. It gets tiring to keep up with endless emails and social media.

Reframe your workstyle

5) Find your love for your work again. What inspired you to do this work? What motivated you every morning to get the job done? Find the right balance of your workload and for other parts of your life like your hobbies, family, friends, or voluntary work. Keeping in check with that delicate balance, not only increases your productivity but also improves your mental being!

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