TV Programmes Worth Binge-Watching

I know we’re all working very hard at the moment, but we all deserve a break!! In this blog post, I’ve rounded up my top 5 TV programmes that I’ve watched recently that I thoroughly recommend you watch.

  1. The Crown (Netflix) : This is one of my favourite shows of all time! Season 4 has just been released on Netflix and I’m working my way through it with my boyfriend (long-distance, over FaceTime, it’s an interesting experience). You don’t have to like history or even the royal family to watch this and enjoy it. It’s actually a very ‘warts and all’ representation of the royal family, so you might enjoy learning about some of the things that happen behind closed doors. The current season covers the 1980s mostly, but it started way back in the 1940s and progressed through time. I recommend you give it a try!
  2. Des (ITV/STV) : If you’re a fan of true crime TV shows or films then you’ll love this one. Des was recently released on ITV/STV but you can catch up on ITV Player as it’s still streaming there. There are only 3 episodes but they’re each packed full of fascinating information about one of the worst serial killers Britain has ever seen. The programme is based on the book Killing for Company by Brian Masters, and Masters is a prominent character in the programme as he visited Dennis multiple times in prison while writing his book. I won’t give anything away but if you enjoy the true crime genre then this is definitely one for you.
  3. Great British Bake Off (Channel 4) : On a slightly lighter note, GBBO is another of my absolute favourites. The final of this series is tonight and I’m so excited for it! If you’ve never watched it, you have to give it a go. Even if you don’t bake (I don’t) or even don’t like cake (what is wrong with you?) it’s really entertaining. Presented by Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, it’s goes from being hilarious one minute, to very dramatic the next when someone’s cake falls over.
  4. Gogglebox (Channel 4) : Gogglebox is an absolute classic. It’s on every Friday, and there’s a normal and celebrity version of the show. It’s weird how entertaining it can be to watch other people watching programmes you’ve already watched… but it works! Watching old episodes of Gogglebox is also a really weird experience because they cover current affairs a lot and it’s strange to think back to a time before coronavirus or Brexit!
  5. Derry Girls (Netflix) : This is just a straight up hilarious comedy that you have to try! My boyfriend and I binged this over lockdown 1.0 in the summer and absolutely loved it. There’s currently only two seasons out but I think a third is on its way. It’s set during the Troubles in Derry, Northern Ireland, but again you don’t have to know anything about the history to enjoy it. It’s mostly just a satirical look at everyday life in Northern Ireland in the 90s!

Let me know if you try any of these and some of your favourite programmes in the comments!

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