Gadgets to Make Student Life Just a Little Bit Easier!

Student life can be quite hectic! With lectures, tutorials, assignments, eating and sleeping to juggle, it really doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day! Technology, however, can help to make student life just a little bit easier! With Christmas right around the corner, here are my top affordable gadgets that you (or the student in your life!) needs to own!

Portable Charger

Students will know how important it is to keep devices charged, especially when they’re going to be used all day. Despite this, however, I know I’m guilty of leaving the house with my phone on 15% and my laptop minutes away from dying! For these situations, it’s handy to have a portable charger! Because they are so lightweight and compact, you can slip them right in your bag and know that you’ll never get caught out with low battery again!

They are also super handy to have for going home for Christmas or summer break in case you find yourself on a bus or train carriage without a charging outlet!

Soup Maker

A soup maker is an essential gadget for students (or anyone to be honest!) who enjoy homemade soup but don’t have the time (or patience!) to stand around and wait for a pot to boil.

All you have to do is add your ingredients (you can buy pre-chopped soup mixes in the supermarket to save extra time!) and some stock and then just leave it to get on with its job! Then you can get back to your essay, or sit in your zoom class with no fear of your soup over spilling or burning!

Slow Cooker

Alongside your soup maker, you need a slow cooker! You can rest assured knowing that between a long day of classes and studying, you’ve got a bowl of soup waiting for you at lunchtime, and meal stewing away for dinner! And similar to the soup maker, all you have to do is throw all your ingredients in there, wait a few hours and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a ready-to-eat-meal! You can even leave it on overnight if you want to!

You can cook practically anything in it too! My favourite things to make are stuffed peppers, chilli and curry!

Heated Coaster

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know I’m a big tea drinker! But I’ll often make a cup, forget about it, then come back an hour later to a cold brew!

To avoid this, I’ve recently invested in a heated coaster – it’s just like a regular hot drink coaster except with the added bonus that you can plug it into your laptop and it heats up to 40 degrees! While it doesn’t heat up my drink, It does help in keeping it to stay warm for longer and has seriously cut down the number of cold brews I’m drinking!

Electric Blanket

This gadget might not be a time saver per se but it’s an essential for anyone living in a cold student flat like myself! They aren’t’t just for grannies swear! When your heating breaks in the middle of the winter, you’ll thank me!

I like to pop it on its highest setting while I’m getting ready for bed and then when I get in between the sheets, it’s all toasty and warm! A top tip of mine is to leave pyjamas under your pillow so that they can absorb some of the heat too!

Remember to turn it off though or you’ll wake up in the morning feeling a bit like a baked potato!

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