Cyber Monday Edition: Buying laptop for university

Cyber Monday and Christmas deals are offering laptops at amazing prices. The challenging part now is selecting which laptop is best suited for you and your university course. I had spent days researching for my laptop before I had bought the one that was fit for me. We all know about setting up a budget, keeping in mind about battery life and specs. Surprisingly, there are still important factors we miss out when buying a laptop.

To help you save time, I have a few tips you should keep in mind when purchasing your laptop !

MacOS or Windows or ChromeOs ?

1- Apple products are elegant and user-friendly, especially to edit videos or music. In fact, if you own other apple devices it would be beneficial to get a Mac as it creates its own apple ecosystem. This means you would be able to connect your devices to each other and easily transfer and share files.

If you prefer Windows like me, you have a variety of options especially in terms of prices and upgrade modifications. I have used both the operating systems however I chose windows because I am more familiar with it.

Google Chrome OS is different from the two OS mentioned as it can’t run desktop applications. If you are on a tight budget and need to do simple tasks like reading emails and web browsing, then this would do. However, it is not as capable as Windows and MacOS.

2 – These hybrid devices have become very popular due to their multiple modifications. There are two main styles where you can either have a flexible laptop with hinges turning it back 360 or a detachable screen and the keyboard comes off as well.

The best part is that some of them come with a stylus so you can go eco-friendly by writing up your notes digitally. They can be on the expensive side however they are so worth it!

3 – Laptop screen ranges from 11- 18 inches and thus their weight changes accordingly. Since most of us are doing work at home, we would straight away go for bigger screens. However, we should remember that once Covid (fingers crossed) is settled down, we would have to take our laptops to uni/work. So, pick the right size for long-term use.

Pay special attention to your RAM !

4 – I mean it literally, some laptops come with 4GB RAM and are relatively cheaper. Do not fall into that trap! Buying a laptop is an investment, so spend a little more to help you last it for years. Ideally at least 8GB RAM should be good. However, if you work on your computer all day and require loads of power then upgrade to a greater RAM.  

Tech Support

5- Your laptop is only as good as the company that stands behind it. I have heard shocking stories on how tech companies have delt with their customers and they were stuck with broken laptops, so invest in a good brand. Apple has an amazing tech support service that feels premium compared to other laptop brands. HP, Dell and Asus were also reported to be on the list for their top-notch technical customer care.

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