My top 5 tips for university students

Being a university student can be hard, especially during these challenging times. That has made me discover different things that I wish I had realized earlier, but I’m glad I got them down while I’m still a fresher! Hope they can help you as much as they have helped me 🙂 

1. Take time to treat yourself

While this might be self-explanatory to some, this is not the deal for everyone. I know students that spend a minimum of seven hours a day just studying. I will let you in on a secret: You do not have to do that to perform well. Actually, it can even physically harm you, because chances are you will reach the point of burnout and it will take you at least a few days to fully recover, meaning that you will miss multiple days of studying, which will only set you back 🤷🏻‍♀️

Instead, create a daily schedule that includes self-care hours; no, not your “8 hours of sleep”, but actual time where you can shower, treat yourself to a nice meal, do skincare, read a book (that has nothing to do with your degree), hangout with your flatmates/friends or just watch TV. 

2. Create a shopping list before hitting the (online) store

I’ll admit, I rarely do this myself. That is why I keep spending money on unnecessary products that just sit there in my freezer/cupboard/desk. But what I have noticed, is that when I keep a list on what I should buy throughout the week, I only buy things that are actually essential for my day-to-day living. 

3. Take time to interact with your surroundings 

Take walks, ride the bus, explore the city. Many students forget that student life is more than partying with your flat mates or attending daily lectures. It is about creating connections with your friends while falling in love with the city you chose to spend 3/4/5/6 of your years in. It will help you adjust to life in a new city and will tremendously help your mental and physical health. I pinky promise. 

4. Invest in a warm duvet

As an international student from a warm country, I was definitely not ready to face the Scottish weather. One of my best decisions I made before moving in was buying a double duvet for my single bed. There hasn’t been a single night or day where I’ve felt the cold. Cannot say the same for some of my friends who bought a low tog single duvet. But, you know, no pressure. 

5. Budget!

Take advantage of mobile banking. Most banks show you a clear diagram of your inflows and outflows each month. You can even set up a spending limit, which greatly helps if you need set boundaries to prevent you from overspending (trust me, I get you). This way you can save up for things that matter the most: experiences with loves ones. 

I hope these give you a general idea of what all university students should keep in mind 🙂

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