Note taking hacks for life science students

At times it isn’t easy to take notes through the endless resources you have been directed to after a lecture. So here are a few tips that might help you:

  • In such a case, the most important thing is to read through the course textbook thoroughly and then skim through other resources that have been provided. A lot of extra reading helps you expand your scope of understanding, and hence it is essential to read. But the primary focus should be first to understand the key concepts that give you the outlook required for extra reading.
  • Include a lot of flowcharts to cover specific mechanisms and chemical pathways. This will help you chronologically organize the information.
  • Make flashcards to work with key terms and definitions/ characteristic features of a graph or pattern/ quick MCQ quizzes. I recommend using Quizlet for this!
  • To combine handwritten and typed notes on a laptop, you can use a pen tablet to add handwritten input to the typed notes.
  • For handwritten notes, try and brief the information using keywords only. One might write paragraphs of information, but the fundamental ideas can be expressed using the keywords.
  • Try and answer the questions present at the end of the chapter to understand the takeaway from it; this will help you note down the most relevant information concerning the objectives of the chapter and prepare you for the small quizzes in the module.
  • Lastly, stay at the top of the note-taking game from the very beginning. It cannot be easy to stay motivated to take notes throughout the course. Still, it will pay off well when preparing for the assessments and graded assignments. (You will find all the information you need in an organized and summarised manner, perfect for review before a test)

It can be overwhelming to cover all the information you get during your course work, but taking away the key ideas and references is the primary goal. Good luck with your notes!

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Hey! I am AditeeA, a third-year student of Molecular Genetics. I am from India. I love travelling, photography and reading. On my blog, I share many aspects of student life and discuss different things you can do in and around Dundee. I hope you find this fun and helpful!

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