The Wonders of a Walk

In the past, I have always struggled to get myself motivated to go for walks by myself. I’ve always given myself excuses; telling myself I had already walked to classes, work or the shop. But now, with next to no commitments that require leaving my flat I have made a huge effort to fit in regular walks. Even, if it I only walk for 15 minutes. With online classes, our bedrooms have become our classrooms and our space to relax all in one. Without the ability to separate our space for different purposes, walks have been such a great way to reset the brain. Even a ten minute walk does wonders to clear the mind so you’re ready to tackle the next task on the never ending lists on your return.

There are so many fantastic walks of all sorts of lengths right on your doorstop in Dundee. Of course, there is the classic walks further afield in Tentsmuir or St. Andrews. But with any sort of travelling being difficult at the moment and not possible for so many people I thought it useful to highlight some great places in Dundee for a wander.

My personal favourite is a peaceful walk along the waterfront. There is a great path that goes all the way from the City Quay, through the V&A to the Riverside Pitches. There are so many different loops that you can make including the waterfront. The path is super flat, so it is great for bicycles, skateboards and even roller skates. The other great benefit of this walk is that you can get some of Dundee’s classic views like this:

Dundee has some fantastic parks to check out. There is the historical Magdalen Green with the beautiful band stand. Dudhope Park is another great place to wander and it also has some outdoor basketball courts. There is also Balgay Park to explore which actually has the Mills Observatory.

Wandering down Perth Road you can also find the University Botanical Gardens. On that side of Dundee, past the Riverside Pitches you can also find the Riverside Nature Reserve which has some great walk options.

Another interesting spot is the Howff, just around the corner from Reform Street. The Howff, a cemetery, has a fascinating history and so provides a supremely interesting wander for any afternoon.

These are only a few places I have visited over my short years in Dundee, I am sure there are so many other short little walks right on your flat’s doorstop. Go for a wander. Sometimes, convincing yourself to go for a walk especially when you’re slammed with deadlines and don’t feel like you have a minute to spare can be seriously difficult. My only tip is to start small. Just a ten minute walk and slowly but surely you can increase this time. And always remember if you’re still stuck for time, a short walk makes all the difference, they don’t always need to be two hour hikes across the city.

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Hi, I am in my 4th year studying Environmental Science and Geography. As can be assumed by my studies I have a strong interest for environmental issues and a great love for the outdoors. Outside, of my studies I love to play basketball and am also an avid reader.

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