Charity Shops in Dundee

Since I began buying clothes for myself, I have loved scouring charity shops. When I was younger, I loved charity shops for being able to find unique items that I wouldn’t be able to get in the high street stores. Learning more about fast fashion and the ethical, social and environmental consequences of this industry. Discovering the multitude of the industry’s issues through my own readings and also my degree, I have personally endeavoured to avoid buying any clothes from fast fashion companies. There are so many reasons that I think shopping at charity shops is fantastic, to name just a few.

  • One-of-a-kind items (and if you’re lucky some amazing vintage pieces)
  • Can find basic wardrobe pieces for cheaper prices
  • Personally, I experience less guilt for my impact on the environment
  • Less monetary pressure if the item doesn’t work as well as you hoped.
  • Affordable prices (my bank account sure does appreciate it)
  • Can find some great labels and quality items for affordable prices.

After 3 years now of exploring Dundee City charity shops these are my top three favourite ones. Just a little disclaimer, that I am only discussing charity shops that are in walking distance around the University. I am sure there are many other great charity shops that I’ve never been to in Dundee. Most of the charity shops that I frequent and will be mentioning are located around the Perth Road and City Center area.

1. Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Discount Store (Reform Street)

This charity shop is quite large so there is ample opportunity to find some great pieces. Additionally, this is the discount version of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland charity shops which means that almost nothing is more than £2.99. Get ready to find some absolute bargains! They also have quite a large men’s section. Also, there is a great household goods section which is great for finding cheap items for any student flat.

2. Shelter (Perth Road)

I have found so many great labels in this shop like Patagonia, Nike and Oasis. I have almost always found something at this Shelter store that I like so would definitely recommend checking it out. They don’t have a very large book section, but because of their close location to the University I have found lots of really cheap up to date textbook options here. Overall, this is a fantastic shop to find something absolutely stellar clothes for an absolute steal.

3. Oxfam Charity Book Shop (Reform Street)

I know, this charity shop doesn’t sell clothes. But, if we are talking about charity shops we absolutely have to mention the Oxfam Book store on Reform Street. If you are a bookaholic than you have to go for a browse!

Of course, these are only a few of the charity shops of Dundee. If you’re looking for more, I would suggest popping along to Reform Street, along Murraygate, in the direction of the Wellgate, or down Perth Road. Happy Charity Shopping!

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Hi, I am in my 4th year studying Environmental Science and Geography. As can be assumed by my studies I have a strong interest for environmental issues and a great love for the outdoors. Outside, of my studies I love to play basketball and am also an avid reader.

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