Goodbye 2020 – A letter to the year that changed it all

Dear 2020, 

You were a pain. Plain and simple. You gave me mixed feelings since the moment you came in. I had hopes you’d bring much needed change in my life; and you did, just not the kind I was expecting. 

You took two really important people away from me, and now it’s your own time to go. In the time you’ve stayed with us, I’ve experienced heartbreak, anger, victory and emptiness. While I will not forgive you for all the things you took away or spoiled for me, I will thank you for the things you helped me get. I got not one, but two high school degrees. Kind of cool, but you took all the excitement that senior year of high school is supposed to bring. So, this is kind of a back handed thank you. You did manage to give me a prom though, a prom where there was no pre or after party for. So, thanks for that too. 

You helped me get rid of a whole lotta friends too. That wasn’t so kind of you to be honest. You made me feel alone for a long time, like it was just me and the internet. But then uni application time came around, and what did you do? No, you didn’t make me feel any less lonely, but at least you had the decency to deliver some good news. I got into uni(s)! Great, now I just had to survive the rest of the school year; that’s like soooo easy right? And then came the second punch in the gut. Schools closed and now I was completely and utterly alone. And then you said that wasn’t enough, so you kicked once again. Took one of the most important people in my life away. Made me grieve and suffer just before all of my coursework deadlines came around (because you cancelled all exams, that was slightly cool). But you just didn’t wanna stop there. 

You went on a spree and decided to infect millions with this thing we had never seen before. And now I wasn’t the only one that felt alone. You made us ALL sit in isolation from the world. Suicides and COVID deaths were breaking all time high records (they still are). And you just sat there and let the world burn in fire. At this point I moved to a new country! Time to explore and make friends, right? No. There was the 14-day quarantine waiting for me. And after that came the travel restrictions and the limits on the amount of people you could interact with. So much for student experience, am I right?

But this letter cannot only be filled with complaints to be honest. I did end up making friends and having a little bit of fun. Not a lot, but enough to keep me going. Trips to cool places were replaced by bus rides to sketchy neighborhoods and getting stranded in the cold with no streetlights and a working phone to come back. A terrifying and frankly frustrating adventure, but an adventure still. And then you brought exam season upon students who had just been taught online, in one-hour lectures that were so irrelevant it was hilarious. And death of a close one. You brought that one back again too. You are just one gift that kept on giving. 

Thankfully, you’re almost over! Do I have high expectations for your successor? Hell no. My standards are so low, I don’t think I will ever have a positive outlook on life again. Thanks for making me more of a realist. And I’m sorry everyone hates you so much, even though you do deserve it to be honest. Have fun going to wherever you crawled out of. You will not be missed. 



Disclaimer: This was written all in one go, with zero corrections made to anything to keep it as raw as I could. 2020 does not deserve anything more than this.

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