How to Avoid Burning Out When Writing an Essay

As an English and Film student, I’m familiar with the ebb and flow of productivity. Sometimes you can feel totally at the top of your game, with the words pouring out of you and onto the paper. While other days you can feel like ‘low tide’, with thoughts drying up in your head. Getting those words down, however, is a necessary evil and deadlines wait for no one. 

Finishing your essays on time requires a lot of focus and self-discipline and, as someone who frequently struggles with the feeling of being burnout, I’m here to tell you how to regain lost traction and get yourself back on course. 

Drink Lots and Lots and Lots of Water

As a student, water is your best friend! It’s readily available and free! Plus it’s also essential for proper brain function! Next time you’re working on an essay, skip the tea, coffee or *gasp* soda and fill yourself up a bottle of water. 

If you’re able to multitask, you can even sip as you write!

Get Plenty of Sleep!!! 

With university, household responsibilities and a healthy social life, an 8-hour sleep can seem like a luxury. But as students, we really should be prioritising getting a good night’s sleep. 

Sleep is a necessity for clear-thinking so if you’ve got an essay coming up, give that Zoom party a miss. You’re a student, there will always be another night to party! 

Make Sure You Are Eating Well 

It’s our parents’ number one  worry when we move away to University. Are we eating healthy or are we simply going to survive on takeaways and pot noodles? If it’s the latter maybe it’s time to start introducing some fruit and vegetables into your diet. 

Studies have shown that when our bodies are properly well nourished, we naturally sleep better. So maybe you should try having an apple a day, the Zzz’s won’t stay away!

Get Away For A Bit 

Now this is a tip, I definitely need to follow myself! I know how it feels when your brain is completely out of ideas and your sitting staring at a blank page. All you want to do is churn out some word vomit to fill it up. But sometimes, you need to take a step back. Sometimes the best things you can do is to take a night off and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. 

Head out for a walk or watch a film with your flatmates! I’ve found this has done wonders for me in the past as the next day, I’ve been able to think more clearly and it’s easier to get word down on the page. 

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