Christmas in Lockdown

Christmas in Lockdown

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you are all keeping well and had a great Christmas despite the circumstances that evolved at the time! I just thought I would pitch in a quick reflection of my Christmas and year.

I planned on heading down to my hometown for Christmas, as always. The situation and procedure was a bit unique this year.

I booked my 2 COVID-19 tests and went home on the 19th. This was the same day the lockdown was announced for Boxing Day and that Christmas restrictions had changed. Luckily, my brother and I both managed to get home on this day. My other brother came home from Dubai after a full year without a visit. He also needed a negative test before flying. My other brother lives at home and gets tests through work. We were all pretty lucky to be all home together and in good health. I was very grateful for this special time we could all be together again after the hard year that was 2020. My mum worked heavily as a nurse this year but by chance had Christmas off.

It was lovely to have a Christmas where it was all about the company rather than the gifts. To appreciate family and what you have. I know many others who were not so fortunate and could not make it home. I had a great time having drinks and a fabulous dinner. Normally my extended family would come round and share gifts and stay for a drink. This year my family played games and tried not to fall out.

This Christmas time wasn’t filled with parties or outings to the pub, but of long lie ins and having lunch for breakfast. I went on walks with my family during good weather and had a new appreciation for the view in Greenock.

Views from walks at home

I often cooked my favourite meals for the family!

Pretending I am a chef!

It was a casual, quiet Christmas and New Year, but a special one for all of us. A year we all want to say goodbye to but one that is important to remember. When I reflect back on the year, I don’t see it as being overly terrible. I had good and bad days just like I would any other year and I should be grateful for that. I made significant memories that I wouldn’t trade. Many families have lost loved ones this year and my heart goes out to them, I hope they can say goodbye to 2020 and be hopeful for 2021.

I am hopeful for 2021 to be a better year for everyone.

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Hi! I am in 5th year of University studying Civil Engineering. I hope to talk about life in Univeristy and outwith your studies to make the most of your time here!

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