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Last semester, I wrote about some of the zero-waste shopping options in Dundee. I now wanted to offer some online options. Living at home now, with all of our shopping online it severely limits some of the ability to make more environmentally friendly choices. Feeling frustrated with not being able to get some of my usual products, like shampoo bars, I finally was able to find some great online low-waste shopping outlets. Here are some of the ones that I have used and are familiar with.

Green Alternatives (

This has been my go-to shop at the moment, stocking up with some of my basics like shampoo bars and sunscreen. I also bought some masks from there during the last lockdown. There is a fantastic spread and variety of products for extremely affordable prices. Even better, they offer free shipping for all purchases more than £10. It continues to get better, as all of their packaging products are reused and biodegradable! The small independent business based in Bristol, is run by a husband and wife team who have committed to making green choices a little easier for everyone.

Sea no waste (

Another great option that is more local to Dundee is Sea no Waste. This is actually a physical shop based in Arbroath, but during the last lockdown they set up an online store for deliveries. Within a 6 mile radius of Arbroath they will offer free door step deliveries, but also have options for further afield. I would definitely recommend checking them out. This store has quite a few food and baking options available.

Little Green Larder (

This is actually one of the zero-waste stores in Dundee that I mentioned in my post last semester. They also have an online store with lots of products that can be delivered. In addition, they have some fantastic foodie options for click and collect, including fruit and veg boxes.

Life Before Plastik (

Lastly is this online store based a little further afield from Dundee. They have a huge catalog of products, however important to note no food options. If you need any zero-waste products this is a great website to browse through. In addition, if you are looking for environmentally friendly gifts this would be a great place to check out.

These are just some quick online stores if you are looking to keep working on reducing your waste. This is by no means all the options out there, so I would highly encourage anyone to do some googling and find a store that works for you. There are so many out there! These are just some of the ones that I have used and am familiar with. Happy zero-waste shopping!

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Hi, I am in my 4th year studying Environmental Science and Geography. As can be assumed by my studies I have a strong interest for environmental issues and a great love for the outdoors. Outside, of my studies I love to play basketball and am also an avid reader.

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