Covid Valentine’s

I can’t believe it’s already almost Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day and I’ve heard plenty of complaints that it’s just another capitalist trick – BUT I think this year, more than ever, we should enjoy it however we can!

This blog post will include some ideas of how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day whether you’re in a relationship or not, and with your partner or not. I’m personally in a relationship but we’re living about 130 miles away from each other so we will be spending Valentine’s Day apart!

Firstly, presents! You might have just enough time now to get presents sent in the post to your loved ones, whether that’s your partner or your best friends! Almost every online store has something you could buy as a Valentine’s Day present, so get hunting and make sure you don’t miss the postal deadlines. I would recommend places like NotOnTheHighStreet and Etsy for more unique presents, but you know your person best and you’ll know exactly what to get them.

Next up, I’d recommend having some sort of video call on the day if you aren’t physically together. With your partner, you could have a romantic candle-lit dinner together over video call, or with your friends you could have a lovely catch up with some wine! Either way, it’s lovely to see the people you love even if it is just through a screen.

Linked to the last tip, I’d suggest doing something ‘together’. So if you are living together or are in each others bubble, then you could very easily cook a meal together, eat together, watch TV together… the list goes on. But if you’re apart, you have to work that little bit harder to do something together at the same time. Set up a video call and cook something at the same time, or read together on a call, or watch your favourite film together. Whatever you like to do when you’re actually together, try to figure out doing it through a video call!

My last tip would be to plan things you can do when you’re back together, or when Covid allows it. For example, you could plan the most amazing girls night out, or a super romantic date night with your partner, or a fun day out with everyone you love. Whatever it is you can’t wait to do after lockdown finally ends, why don’t you plan it on Valentine’s Day so you can have something to look forward to!

I hope these tips help you have the most amazing Valentine’s Day despite a lot of us being separated from the ones we love.

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