How I’m Staying Motivated and Positive During Lockdown

So here we are again, another Lockdown. Feels like we’ve been here before, doesn’t it? Except this time seems much harder. Due to the First Minister’s advice that students should stay out and not return to their University cities, I’ve made the hard decision to give up my flat and complete my final semester of University ever from my little bedroom in my hometown. My mental health and productivity have definitely taken a hit but here’s how I’ve been trying to stay motivated and positive during this second lockdown. 

Setting Aside a Dedicated Working Area 

Being at home means no access to the library and, as such, my room has become my makeshift study space. It can be hard not being able to divide up your work and study places especially when your study space is your bedroom and all you want to do is wrap yourself back up in your duvet. But I always force myself to complete my work at my desk, not only for the sake of my posture, but also because then it allows me to separate my work space from my study space. When I need a break, then I can treat myself to a wee nap on my bed, and that way it really does feel like a treat!

Finding Time to Go Outside 

I’m very guilty of staying in the house for days on end, which is great in the sense that I’m avoiding physical contact with people but not so great for my mental health.

As such, I’ve been trying to find an excuse to get outside everyday even if it’s just to sit in the garden for a few minutes or to take my dog for a quick walk. This way I’m getting away from my computer screen but also getting a bit of fresh air.

Listening to Podcasts/Reading a Book 

Podcasts are just something I’ve recently got into but I love them! They’re great for when you’re getting ready in the morning or doing housework as they keep your mind occupied and stop you thinking about all the stresses of the coming day! 

I have also been making time to read books that aren’t on my reading list – a really rare treat. I definitely feel like I’ve been spending too much time looking at screens recently and the physical books that have sat on my shelf unread for years are great for resting my eyes for a bit. 

Scheduling Dates With My Friends 

As I’m not in Dundee and I can’t meet up with my friends in person (of course if I could I would only do this in compliance with the rules), we’ve been scheduling zoom dates! Sometimes we watch a random show on Netflix together – usually the most recent episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race which we then love to completely dissect – or we just have a wee coffee date and talk about what we’ve been up to. It’s adds a little bit of normality to my weeks and gives me something to look forward to!

University Societies  

Of course, I’ve been keeping up with OpSoc rehearsals during this second Lockdown. While we’ve made the hard decision to cancel the show, weekly rehearsals are still happening because we’ve decided to put together a video to showcase what we’ve been working towards all year! I’m so glad I’ve got OpSoc to keep me busy but, of course, it’s not all gruelling rehearsals! We also have our weekly socials and other random events that we host throughout the year, so I get to have some time to play too! 

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Just an English & Film Studies girl, livin’ in an online world!

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