How to take care of your mental health during lockdown

As part of Dundee Triathlon Society Graps the Day charity which you can read about and donate to here I thought I would write a few advice to take care of our metal health. During lockdown and wintertime I think it’s something we all could use some help with! These are the things that work for me at least.

Many of us are stuck inside, with little to do and not a lot of possibilities. Especially since the first lockdown probably took most of the ideas we could think of to do inside (who else started to knit?) its hard to find new things to do. Which for me at least makes it hard to stay positive and not crawl under my blankets to stay all day. Not that we can’t do that once in a while, sometimes I think its also okay to just give into our emotions. But to do that every day can make this lockdown very hard and long.

Even though COVID19 has turned up and down on our schedules and plans, one thing Ive attempted to do, is to write down my plans. They might look nothing like what they did before corona or contain a lot, but having a structured week plan (especially during dissertation writing) really helps me stay focused while also making sure I havde things to do. It might be things such as going for a walk, discovering a new part of Dundee or even cleaning the oven. (Let’s face it, we can’t keep coming up with excuses when we’re home all the time).

I try to avoid speculation and reputable sources on the virus. To be honest I barely even check the new channel updates any longer: it just makes be frustrated and sad. Rumours and speculations just fuels my anxiety as it reminds be of all the things I wish I could change, but can’t And the truth is thee’s really nothing to be done about it, other than doing my part of staying safe while badly hoping it won’t be too long until all of this will be old memories. But that’s just something Ive realised is important for me not to do in order to protect my mental health.

Another vital thing for me, which might be one of the hardest to do, is to stay connected. When we’re barely allowed to see anyone and me being a very extroverted, social person, I really tend to struggle. So for me to still connect to my friends and family is very important, even if it only consist of cold winter walks or zoom calls. It is what it is, but it’s the best we can do and it still matters. Maybe more so now than ever.

I as always do my best to move. Exercise has always been a huge part of my mental health, and I just know that especially now I need to make sure I still do so. Especially when I feel like it the least. Homeworkouts have never been my chosen way to exercise, I usually need the motivation from entering the gym or doing a class. However, staying on track with my exercises has been one of the greatest ways to take care of my mental health dyring this strange time!

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