Camperdown, Templeton and Clatto

Another blog post and once again I am taking you to the edge of Dundee, right to the north-western city boundary, to the area around Camperdown, Templeton and Clatto Reservoir. Rather than writing a lot, I just wanted to let a series of photos speak for why you should not give these a miss. To summarise what you can find there, a wonderful set of trails, fields, nature, a zoo, a Christmas tree farm, wildlife, a nice reservoir, views out to the Sidlaws, many friendly dogs walking and a whole list of possibilities for walking, running and mountain biking routes.

Templeton, looking out towards the golf course
The edge of Templeton in the snow, I saw foxes, a deer and countless squirrels and birds on this particular walk
Picnic place and toilets at Templeton
Clatto Wood

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Hi! I'm from Switzerland and I'm in my 3rd year of Environmental Science. I'm interested in all things outdoors and sports and hope to be talking about my adventure trips from Dundee and taking you along while I discover Scotland bit by bit.

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