Reflections from restarting and leading a society in my first year.

I remember going around the freshers fair my first year at uni: everything was exciting and nerve-wracking, signing up for every society, give-it-a-gos and somehow thinking I’d be able to do everything next to my studies. I think that is a good attitude to enter with, our uni experience really should be the time for us to explore, evolve and try as many new things as we want to.

I also remember there was one thing missing: coming from abroad I had already researches the global experiences I might encounter at uni, and though I had found the Nordic Society’s Facebook, their freshers stand was nowhere to be found. It’s not that I left Denmark and came all the way to Scotland, just to stick with other students from back home. I just think there’s something about sharing the cultural experiences, the pros and the cons with people who know exactly where you’re coming from. And perhaps sharing those reflections and ideas to anyone who might be interested, anyone from any culture or country.

So that is how I restarted a society in my first year, became a president and went on to create a rather successful society. It was a slow progress of course, starting with finding a pub that would sponsor us, weekly socials, getting matriculated with DUSA. But we found ourselves a year later at our biggest event with more than 50 participants in our first Ikea-trip. We had over 50 students signing up to the society at our first socials in our second year running. Even despite of corona the society is still going strong with an excellent committee and committed members.

I love learning about new cultures, really getting everything from the language, to the food, to the history under my skin. I mean, that is sort of why I decided to study abroad the first time around. But its equally interesting to be able to share your own experiences and culture with others as it leads to interesting and eye-opening conversations. The global community we’re lucky to have at Dundee university, with many different cultures and society’s has been such a big part of my university experience and Im so grateful, being here in my final semester, that I already back in first year had a clear initiative and hope to be a part of adding something to the global community. I hope the society will keep living on years ahead, just as any other cross-cultural society and students will keep being a part of the university, and probably your experience as well.

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