My top 5 binge-worthy TV-series

Whether I like to admit it or not, I tend to spend a lot of time binge-watching TV-series next to studying. Whether it be to off-load from heavy reading or procrastinate from my dissertation, I usually have a to-go-to program to watch, and these are the five I circle back to again and again.

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I know that the Gen-Z generation tends to shame this series for it homophobia and sexism, but growing up with this show I just can’t help but to love it. It’s easy-going, funny and it just hits me right in the emotions every time. Even though I might now every line by now, I still tend to watch this at least once pr year.
  2. How I Met Your Mother. Just as with Friends, HIMYM is just the best binge-watching series next to studying due to its light humour and great writing. I know Ted is a bit of a D-bag and (spoiler alert) no one likes the fact that the mom was just killed off just as we got to meet her, I still stand by my decision: this series is amazing.
  3. New Girl. I mean, come on, what is not to love? Quirky, awkward characters with messed up lives and life-choices that you immediately feel, maybe more so then you really should, connected to due to the very relatable content. There’s nothing better than a little bit of shame and awkwardness to forget your own misery and embracement from the last time you say something stupid out loud.
  4. Booklyn-99. To be honest, this is a new watch of mine, but if it includes Andy Sandberg there’s no doubt; I know I will enjoy it. A little bit of detective, but not so serious it can’t just be played in the background while doing some last minute essay proof reading.
  5. Glee. If you throw together high school drama and amazing music covers, I’ll be there. I don’t know what it is, its just one of my guilty pleasures. Just watch it, you’ll know what I mean.

That being said, some of my recent discoveries Ive watched (maybe also rewatched, don’t blame me) and loved are: Emily in Paris, The Good Place. Offload and You.

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