How to Hold a Zoom Karaoke Party!

Back in December, due to the current global situation, OpSoc wasn’t able to hold our annual Christmas dinner. This was a huge disappointment for the society as it’s something we look forward to every year before heading home to spend the Christmas break with our families. So instead, we decided to hold an online karaoke party to fill the Christmas party hole in our lives! While it wasn’t the same as getting together in person, it was a great opportunity to celebrate the end of another semester in the best way that OpSoc knows how: singing! 

If you are interested in arranging your own for a fun society night or even just with a couple of friends, here’s how we went about organising it!

First things first, you’ll need to find someone who will make a good karaoke host. This has to be someone tech savvy as they’ll be responsible for handling all the technical logistics but also someone who’ll be able to keep the energy up all night!

Next, you,l need to decide whether you’ll ask everyone to send their songs requests in beforehand so the host is able to schedule them accordingly, or if they can send them to you during karaoke time! We found that because people were having so much fun, they ended up sending in more songs anyway so it might be worth just letting things happen organically! But if you’d rather pre-set up the songs so you have the security that it is the correct audio, the first might be better suited to you!

A Top Tip: The best place to find karaoke tracks is YouTube! 

Now, it’s time to send out the zoom link to everyone and get your karaoke on! The host can invite all but the first singer to mute, and for them to share their screen. The host should make sure that the singers music audio is set to about 40% though so that everyone is able to hear their beautiful singing! From here, the night should run pretty smoothly – just remember to set an end time or you’ll be singing all night long!

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