The top places I’ve run this month

While I do quite enjoy running, a big part of motivating myself to get out is exploring places I may not go otherwise. Today I thought I would share a few highlight places I’ve been in March so far, whether it motivates you to go out running or whether you find another place to explore without running, here are some nice places around Dundee.

Northfield Hill

To start off March I dragged a friend across the bridge at sunrise for a hilly loop. Northfield Hill is the one with the transmitter tower right at the end of the bridge if you look across the Tay. There is a trig point just south of the summit with stunning views back to Dundee and we even saw five deer jumping a fence on our run. As an added bonus, if you run across the bridge from Dundee right after the sun rises it will disappear behind the Fife hills again and you get two sunrises.


Definitely no secret to anyone, but I have been on a few nice runs this month so I decided to include it. Since it can get quite busy on nice days I love running here in the morning, although Riverside nature reserve is great in the evenings with where the sun currently sets. Riverside is also my place of choice for trying for new best times, being flat and not requiring crossing roads, right below the botanical gardens to the end of City Quay gives you a perfect 5k time trial stretch.

Balgay Hill

Unquestionably my favourite nearby run, Balgay Hill brings me a little of the hilly forest trails I miss from home, without having to go far from the city centre. The trail leading up the side from Saggar Street comes with one of my favourite views in town and the whole park is my top escape from the city.

Baxter & Stobsmuir Park

Another good park run, I like to combine these two and I have been trying to run east more often lately since that is the side of Dundee I don’t know as well.

Broughty Ferry

While I have been out here many times, walking, cycling and by public transport, this morning was actually the first time I ever ran all the way out. I had not fully explored the nature reserve and had a great time running on new trails there. While the other places on the list are quite doable without an overly long run, this will be one if you choose to run there and back.

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I'm a 4th-year Environmental Science student from Switzerland. I'm interested in all things outdoors and sports and mostly use this blog to talk about my adventure trips around Dundee and further afield, so come along while I discover Scotland bit by bit!

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