Easy ways to help the environment

Seeing how climate change is negatively affecting our everyday lives motivates me to become a better person who can make small positive changes that in the long term, and with the help of others, can make a big difference in the future. I thought it would be a good idea to share my three little ways of helping earth out 🙂

  1. Walking to places instead of using a car or public transport

This one is pretty simple, but I feel like even I need a little reminder not to slack off every once in a while. Walking to places that are within reasonable distances is not only a great way to exercise, but also can save you money and can make a big impact on CO2 emissions! So next time you feel like taking the car/taxi/bus instead of a 20/30/40 minute walk, consider the favour you’d be doing to all of us!

2. Reusing bags/boxes/jars etc.

This one could be really helpful, especially for students. If I had not started saving up all the boxes I got from my clothing/supply orders I do not know how I would be moving out! Reusing bags or getting reusable cloth bags is so so good for the environment because we have to remember that every little action helps in the long run. Jars can always be reused to store sugar, cutlery or even flowers! (Jars used as vases are the cutest if I’m being honest)

3. Washing you clothes in colder temperatures

Most fabrics and colours actually wash better in colder temperatures, so, not only are you doing your clothes a favour, but you are also helping the environment and keeping your own electricity bills down! According to GE, around 75-90% of the energy your washer uses goes towards warming up the water, so switching to colder water can help lower your bill. Colder water also makes your clothes less wrinkly! (yay for even less electricity spent on ironing? Who even has time for that?)

Hope these motivate you to find more little ways to preserve our only home 🌍.

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Your neighbourhood law student, taking on life one day at a time :)

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