Essentials to Bring to University!

So you’re coming to Dundee in September? You’ve got your new wardrobe all planned out but you’ve not even begun to think about the essentials. Well, do not fret! I’m here, equipped with my wisdom as a fourth-year student, to tell you what to bring!

Top Tip: “Try and get in contact with your flatmates before you move in so you can arrange who is bringing what kitchen supplies! Yes, you could do with a few pots but not twenty!”

A fourth year student

Kitchen Essentials

A Kettle

Even if you’re not a big lover of tea or coffee, do not overlook the importance of a kettle. Your parents might visit! And it’ll come in handy if you’re making pasta or soup!


Most university accommodation and student flats usually provide a microwave but if they don’t, this is a true essential. Whether it’s heating up leftovers from last night or just a quick ready meal!


Another true essential. Handy if you need to bring your lunch to campus or for last nights leftovers.

Cutlery drawer (+ the cutlery)

You don’t realise how important this is until it’s gone. That’s my experience anyway. It’s just not the same as having random cutlery thrown in a drawer. It needs to be organised. Also, don’t forget to bring a sharp knife! You’ll need it for chopping all that veg you’ll be eating!


An Extension Lead

Sometimes the plugs in your student room are not in the most ideal place. So you need to get yourself one of these!


Super handy for parties (if we are ever allowed to have those again) but also for watching recorded lectures or films with your flatmates.

A long phone charger

Picture this. You’re lying in bed, you’ve had a late one the night before and all you want to do is scroll through your phone but there are no plugs around you! A long phone charger will solve all your issues!

Top Tip: “Don’t worry about bringing a printer! There are plenty available to use in the library and it only costs pennies to print in black and white or colour!”

A fourth year student



This is straightforward enough. You’re going to have a lot of deadlines to keep up with. A diary will make this easier.


Just plain paper! Sometimes you’ll want to quickly jot down some notes or make a mind map. Plain paper is handy to have around!

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