My Perfect Day Off University

Recently, I’ve been treating myself to an odd every week where I do absolutely no uni work whatsoever! This might not be such a new concept to some people but for some reason, I find it really hard to give myself a break. But working all day every day stuck in my bedroom all day is making me really unmotivated and I’ve realised it’s okay to take a break sometimes.

Here’s what my perfect day off University looks like!

A cheeky lie-in

On my take days off, I like to treat myself to a bit of a lie-in. I find 10 o’clock is a good time – the perfect combination of not too early but no too late.

A Nice Breakfast

I then go down the stairs and make myself a proper breakfast. On uni days, I usually just grab something quick like a breakfast biscuit or a banana but on a day off, I more time to make something. My favourite thing to have is bacon and maple syrup pancakes – although I must admit, I usually buy the pancakes!

Catch up on Some TV

During the week, I find that with my uni schedule I ended up missing a lot of my favourite TV programmes so mu day off lets me catch up. Lunch My favourite meal of the day! I’m a big fan of lunch, the options are endless: soup, panini, baked potato. Because I’ve got lots of time, I can rustle up something to eat from scratch. You can’t beat homemade soup but sometimes a puff pastry pizza is what you’ve been craving!

Take My Dog for a Walk

My mum usually takes my dog for a walk while I’m at uni during the day, but on my day off I like to come along! We are so lucky to live right beside the country and now that’s it’s spring, the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Chill Time

Sometimes I take a nap, sometimes I watch a film, sometimes I scroll through tiktok! I just like to take a little time just to myself! Dinner! A day off usually ends in a takeaway let’s be honest! Almost always if it’s a weekend! While there’s not as much choice as there is in Dundee, there’s loads of good chippys here which is great because they are my absolute favourite!


Then I’ll head up to my bed and have an early night! Okay….maybe not. But I’ll definitely be in bed! I might just be on my phone until the wee hours!

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