Ways to Relax After a Long Day of Studying

When I’m planning and writing an essay, I find it really hard to shut off. My head is spinning with words and thoughts. Anxiety sets in. And of course, the deadline is looming. I know what it’s like. But we all need time to relax.

So here are my tried and tested methods to try and put these things at bay!

Turning Off My Laptop

Perhaps a simple one, but if I can see the white glow of my laptop in my room I can’t completely forget about what I was working on. When I’m done for the night, I shut off my laptop and make sure I put it back in its case so it can’t tempt me back.

Taking a Break From technology

After staring at a screen all day, I find it easiest to relax when I’m away from the blue light of my laptop and my phone screen. I like to read a book, listen to some music or a podcast or even head for a quick walk just to clear my head.

Putting On Something Funny

The last thing I want when I’ve got my own stresses and worries is to watch something intense like a crime thriller or a horror film, when I have essays due the only thing I can watch is comedy. Some of my favourites are Friends (an old classic), Miranda and Glee!

Catching Up With My Friends!

Friends are the best distraction from uni work! Though COVID means that we can’t meet in person, ZOOM dates or Discord social nights are great substitutions! Sometimes we’ll have a catch-up with a coffee or at the weekends, it might be something stronger! It’s important to try and get a bit of normality into your life right now so please make friends one of your priorities!


Maybe another obvious one but sleeping is a great way to shut off your brain! And it’s so so important! A tired mind is not a productive mind! Sometimes when I’m stressed, I find it really hard to get to sleep but I find meditation super helpful! The headspace app is a great investment, they have loads of different programs, many suited to students, that can help you learn how to shut off your mind!

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