Travelling in the age of COVID-19

Travelling has always been an anxiety and stress inducing thing for me, that has only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flights have gotten cancelled, hotels rooms have gone un-refunded, and Sofia has gone mad :/

Here are my tips to avoid all the mistakes I’ve been making the past few months, so that hopefully your next trip does not end like mine.

  1. ONLY book refundable/exchangeable tickets/rooms. Some hotels have different (and sneaky) refund policies, that will only allow refunds under certain conditions. Make sure to ask them before booking!!! I sadly just trusted the words on their website, only to be left with a bill to pay and no room to stay in.
  2. Have a backup plan if things do not turn out how you want them. This month only I had three flights of mine cancelled back-to-back. Be prepared for something like this in terms of where you’ll stay while waiting for the next flight and where you’ll leave your personal belongings if need be.
  3. Do buy those travel insurances IF you’re eligible. When booking for flights out of the UK, I noticed that travel insurances would only cover British citizens, so that was kind of a shame 🙁 Almost fell for it too (read the terms and conditions!!!)
  4. Be prepared to face delays, cancellations and stress. Bring a neck pillow, dress comfortably, you never know what the day of is going to surprise you with. Have your head set on success and everything will be okay!

I hope this list helps you clear some things out in your head and helps you prepare for what’s to come! Good luck ❤️

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Your neighbourhood law student, taking on life one day at a time :)

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