The Sidlaws: Part 2 – The West

Finally getting round to writing the second part of this blog, here are my top hills to climb on the western side of the Sidlaws (that is to the west of the B954 where I set the boarder to stop in my east Sidlaws blog).

Lundie Craigs

This one is fantastic for walking and has stunning views all around, especially looking down to Long Loch. Aside from the views, the hill itself is quite a cool shape. The best place to start walking from is the Hallyburton community woodland car park between Dundee and Coupar Angus, from where you can combine this hill with some of the nearby ones or even walk as far along as Newtyle Hill.

Ballo Hills

A group of hills just across the road from the route to Lundie Craigs. Great for mountain biking with a set of trails and can be combined with Lundie Craigs for a longer day of biking. Also nice for walking around and features a little lake near the bottom.

Dunsinane Hill & King’s Seat

Dunsinane Hill’s fame comes from its mention in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The hill features an Iron Age fort, but the site was damaged by amateur excavations in the past, with people drawn to it due to its Shakespearian connection. The hill is best climbed from just south of Collace, where there is a layby in the corner and an info sign at the start of the walk. It can be combined with the larger neighbouring King’s Seat for a lovely walk and the road to the south of these hills makes for stunning scenery for a cycle.

Kinnoull Hill

Another great walk on the far west end of the Sidlaws. The hill has stunning views down across the Tay and features a tower near the summit. The woodlands around offer various ascent routes and also a range of mountain bike trails. For road bikes, the climb to the car park between Kinnoull Hill and Deuchny Wood is pretty nice.


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I'm a 4th-year Environmental Science student from Switzerland. I'm interested in all things outdoors and sports and mostly use this blog to talk about my adventure trips around Dundee and further afield, so come along while I discover Scotland bit by bit!

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