How to choose the perfect student flat

Apartment hunting season has officially commenced!🥳

What that means is that you are all probably as stressed as I am. I know it can be tough so I am here to give you some (hopefully useful) tips!

  1. Look for HMO flats: Now this is something that I did not know existed in the UK when I first arrived and I wasted a LOT of time enquiring for apartments me and my friends could not even move into. So use the keyword HMO or the option student friendly when looking for flats on websites!
  2. Figure out exactly how many beds/bath you will need. This sounds fairly simple but in fact, lots of people do not consider it until time is running out. If you want a flat with more than one bathroom, you have to start your search early and you have to be prepared to start paying rent quite early, if not earlier than most other flats!
  3. Decide who you want to live with prior to searching for flats! Plans can always change but hopefully you will not have to search for flatmates last minute! In the case that you do need to look for flats, Facebook has plenty of groups for people in Dundee searching for a flat or flatmates to join their flat. Spareroom can also be of help!
  4. Decide on the important things early on: Do you cook/grocery shop/clean together or separately? If you eat and shop together, who does each part? Answering these questions before moving in could be a life saver.
  5. Look for advice through DUSA Housing! They have a list of approved landlords and people that could help you with any type of housing query.

I hope these few tips help you sort things out in your mind and remember: There’s no perfect route! Things can be completely unplanned and still work out amazingly, so do not stress too much!

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Your neighbourhood law student, taking on life one day at a time :)

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