How it feels to be finishing uni

My time at the University of Dundee is unfortunately coming to an end, and it’s such a strange ending to my four years! I thought I’d make a little blog post to share some of my feelings about finishing uni, and hopefully others who are leaving this year will be able to relate.

My last class of the semester is probably a good place to start. It felt so strange when my classes came to an end. Usually, the last class of a semester involves maybe some cakes or going to the pub afterwards, but obviously nothing like that could happen. It was very much more of the same, working from home, video call with everyone’s cameras off, it didn’t really feel like ‘the end’. But I will say that it definitely felt good to not have to prepare for any classes anymore! Since then I’ve had so much more time to dedicate to my dissertation and my final essay that’s due just after my dissertation.

The things that felt more ‘final’ were the extra curricular things I do outside of my classes coming to an end. The first of these was the DUWFC AGM, after which I was no longer on the committee! It felt like really saying goodbye to some amazing friends I’ve made through the football team. Even though I’ll definitely be back for alumni games and other catch ups, it felt very final. It was also made even worse by the fact that I’m at home and not in Dundee, so I can’t even go to training and see everyone now that non-contact training is allowed again! But I look forward to seeing what the team get up to in the next year.

Another example of this would be the History Society. We had our AGM last night and knowing that I won’t be on the committee next year is quite sad! I’m so excited for everyone who was elected though and I think they’ll do fab in 2021/22. Again, it felt like saying goodbye to friends, but the History Society has been such a key part of my whole university experience that it’s even more sad saying goodbye to it. I made my first friends through the society and without it I’d have never met some of my favourite people. I also don’t think I’d have grown to be this confident in myself without all the opportunities the History Society gave me. It’s definitely a tough one to say goodbye to!

I’ve actually got a few more weeks of assignments left but I’m so pleased I don’t have any exams. Working away at these last assignments feels like I’m putting everything I’ve learned over my four years into them. I’m excited to be done and to graduate, but I’m also incredibly sad to be leaving such a fantastic university. I’ve had a brilliant four years and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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