Eating out: Indian restaurants to try

It’s the 26th and we can finally eat out! I have been craving good Indian food (vegetarian of course) and here are my top 3 Indian restaurants in Dundee.

  1. Rishis – its right on Hawkhill, near uni campus. Its honestly so tempting to eat out right after lectures. They have amazing lunch deals, and the food quantity will definitely make you feel stuffed. I love their south Indian variety for dosas and how you can customize according to your preferences. You should also try their potato curries and spicy Indian Chinese dishes . One of their star deserts is their hot Gulab jamun with ice cream! The combination of my two favourite sweets is unforgettable.

2. Jahangir Tandoori – This restaurant is right next to Rishis, so it’s something to put on your ‘diners to try’ list. My personal favourite is their saag with an extra-long buttery naan. They have a couple of vegetarian dishes and offer meal deals for about £10.

3.Taza – This restaurant is in the city, around the seagate bus station. A 10-minute bus ride from campus. Their buffets are stuffed with chaats, samosas and even gol gappas for appetizers. Moving on to main course, they have delicious cottage cheese curries with biryani. Let’s not forget their chocolate fountain and different kinds of tarts available. Make sure to book a table at this restaurant as its always on demand because of their incredible food.

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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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    1. Ananya

      Hey Nidhi I’m Ananya and I’m planning to come to dundee this year and this blog of yours made me feel so warm seeing that we have so many Indian food options available in Dundee which will make us feel like home. Thank you for sharing this!

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