A Walk up Dundee Law

This time last year, after being in lockdown and barely going outside for months, I decided I wanted to do something active for a change. One of the places that I’d never been, even though I’d been in Dundee for 3 years, was the Law, which seemed crazy as it’s such a noticeable and important landmark of the city. So, that sunny afternoon, we set off. After not doing anything physical for so long, it was a massive struggle (so be warned if you want to try it, don’t pick a ridiculously hot day and maybe build up to it).

After walking from my flat, we came to Dudhope Park, an area of green space to the north of the city. I’ve come here a few times when work was getting too much and I just needed a break – I would sit on a bench and look out over the university campus and beyond. As it turns out, I was very thankful for those benches that day, as I was already tired.

Heading north again from the park was a series of uphill roads and steps, which, obviously, I struggled with. At the end of these many, many, seemingly endless steps, there were lots of trees, which surround the base of the Law. At least we were getting close.

Once through these trees, there was a (yes, you’ve guessed it) uphill path through some grass. Again there were benches at the top which I was grateful for, but at that point, I was really regretting not bringing some water with us. Sitting on those benches looking down the hill, we started to get a sense of how high we were, and the views were already stunning.

The last leg of the journey was some steps up the side of the actual Law, which took me a very long time to get up. But then we were there: I could breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy what the hard work brought. It was truly beautiful.

Thankfully, going back down the hill was so much easier.

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Hello, I'm Eleanor, and I'm a 3rd-year Architecture student. Although this keeps me very busy, in my spare time I like dancing and watching TV. I'll be sharing my experiences of university so far, so that you don't have to make the same mistakes I do!

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