Year 1 recap and wishes for the next year

I cannot believe that, as I’m writing this, I have (hopefully) finished my first year of university! Time just flew by so fast, I feel like I had no chance to realise what was happening around me. Quarantine definitely had an impact on my life as a student, but Dundee still managed to soften the blow. The city and the people are just so nice that I did not miss “partying” and travelling as much as I had expected.

As for my degree, I am really happy that I chose to study law as it has genuinely intrigued me and motivated me to pursue a career in something connected to the law. While I have not been a fan of online classes (because of the fact that I would’ve preferred to have a face-to-face first year to build a stronger academic base for myself), I still enjoyed them quite a lot, as I was able to ask questions and communicate with my whole class effectively. For that, I really am grateful, as I know that other universities used less effective systems.

As for my next year, I wish to make even more friends, explore more of Dundee and Scotland, discover cute restaurants and cafes, learn more about the law and enjoy the time I have left as a student! Covid showed us that life is uncertain, and I want all of you to make sure to live it by your own rules and ambitions :).

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