Resitting a Year – Semester 2

It’s safe to say that this semester has been very different to every other, as (at least on my course), there was no in-person teaching or working at all. Also, I personally was unable to travel to Scotland for 5 months. This meant that I didn’t visit the site for our project until four days before the final deadline, which wasn’t ideal.

Resitting has meant that I have got to experience first-hand how the same projects are delivered in the different circumstances. For example, in both years we took part in weeklong projects focusing on how the use of materials can make a space feel. It was titled: ‘The Tactility of Space’. In early March 2020, we undertook the project in groups, making a physical model to explore the materials (image on left). In March 2021, we worked individually and used digital rendering software, such as 3d Studio and Photoshop. Both ways of working created interesting and thought-provoking results, and undoubtedly helped us to improve modelmaking skills, whether digitally or physically. However, I did miss having human contact.

Having our final hand-ins without going out and celebrating was a bit strange. Due to the pandemic, I don’t think people were having parties, or maybe they were and they just didn’t invite me. There weren’t really many opportunities to socialise during the year, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t. Either way, it did feel strange.

Aside from that, there isn’t much else to say about my experience of resitting a year that I didn’t cover at the end of semester 1 (Resitting a Year – Semester 1 – Student Blog ( I’d still rather go back in time and pass the first time around, but it hasn’t been the worst thing being in university for another year while the job market sorts itself out.

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Hello, I'm Eleanor, and I'm a 3rd-year Architecture student. Although this keeps me very busy, in my spare time I like dancing and watching TV. I'll be sharing my experiences of university so far, so that you don't have to make the same mistakes I do!

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