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Completing a semester (or year) abroad provides some excellent opportunities to experience and travel a new country. I did a semester abroad during my second year to Trent University in Canada. Around my studies I was able to fit in a little bit of travelling. I’ve given a taste to some of the areas I went to through the following photos.

With a friend I met while in Canada who was also studying abroad we organised to go on a bus tour that catered specifially for international students. We werea able to do about a weeks trip that took us to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. We travelled in Feburary when there is still heavy snow everywhere!

This first picture is the middle of Quebec City when we were just wandering around. The city has a very european feel to it, because of its architecture.

I think my favourite place we visited was Montreal. I loved wandering around the old part of the city! However, I think my favourite part was the walk up Mount Royal that gives you this amazing view over the city.

During my stay in Canada as well, my parents came over to visit for about a week and I was able to travel a little future with the use of a car. I visited Niagara Falls, which this picture does not do justice at all. There is also an interesting shipwreck further upstream.

One part that I really enjoyed during my time at Trent University was that there was a direct bus/train service, that was super easy to use, straight from the University Campus to Toronto. I went down with friends on a few weekends. One of these trips is pictured above when we went to one of the outdoor skating rinks in the evening. We also explored the graffitti alley, CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and much more.

Hopefully this may have given you some travelling inspiration if you are on your way to Canada for a semester abroad, or perhaps given you more insight into the possible travelling available while studying abroad.

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Hi, I am in my 4th year studying Environmental Science and Geography. As can be assumed by my studies I have a strong interest for environmental issues and a great love for the outdoors. Outside, of my studies I love to play basketball and am also an avid reader.

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