My favourite destinations near Dundee

The reading week is quickly approaching and now is a perfect time to find a nice destination to plan a trip to. Now that the pandemic is not over why not look at some places around Dundee?

Some of my favourite places in Angus, Fife, and Perthshire are easily accessible and very affordable. And what’s even better you don’t need to own or rent a car! Scotland has amazing public transport links around the country, so it makes traveling more convenient for everyone.

Tentsmuir is an amazing place to swing by for everyone who likes Nordic-looking beaches, with lovely pine forests and scenic dunes. There are multiple options what to do: you can organize a picnic, light a bonfire or simply go for a walk and appreciate local nature! The right time of year baby seals can be found on the beach!

Following the same direction, it will lead us to a fascinating Scottish town, St. Andrews. The home of world-known golf courses, the oldest university in Scotland (that was founded 600 years ago back to 1413! Isn’t amazing?) and some lovely old Scottish architecture. When it comes to lunchtime I would recommend to drop in some of the lovely cafes and restaurants. My favorite places are Spoiled Life, the Rav and The Hatch, all these places do very decent food and all of them provide very good vegan options. The St Andrew’s Charity shops are absolutely amazing, definitely worth checking, and since they are located in the same area meaning you can shop, eat/drink and still have enough time to explore! Why not end your day by to heading to West Sands Beach and watch the sunset with your friends or a nice hot drink from a local shop.

Blairgowrie is another must-visit place not far from Dundee and Perth. Especially beautiful during autumn when all the trees are changing the colour of their leaves and are creating fascinating scenery. There is a long walk beside the River Ericht which is a popular place during summer for locals to swim but maybe you’re brave enough to get into the water in October (who knows?). Not to mention that it’s very easy to get there, the bus from Dundee runs every one hour right from the city centre and costs only a few pounds with a student ID.

If you have ever been to these places do not hesitate to leave your comments and let me know what you think about my first post and I might even do a part two! I’ve been traveling around Scotland for the past two years so I have plenty of places that I recommend visiting!

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My name is Nikita Mickevics and I am an undergraduate Product Design student at the University of Dundee.

If you are into arts & design, sustainability, and traveling you might find some interesting articles from me. Enjoy!

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