Introducing… me?

As I will be one of your tour guides in student life I thought it would be fair to introduce myself to you. Introductions are not my strong suit as I feel like the human experience is so much more complex than the basic “Hi, I’m Sophie, I like reading, crafts, and archery. I study Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology”. Yet, I’ll attempt to explain to you who I am anyway.

I am serial-killer-level fascinated with dead things. Seriously, bodies capture my attention like nothing else. Maybe it’s my family of healthcare workers, my disability that brought me on quite a few hospital trips when I was young or maybe there is just something not exactly right in my head. But as a kindergartner I was taking apart dead birds with sticks (because my parents had taught me at that point not to touch dead animals with my bare hands) at the playground while my classmates around me were absolutely horrified. This went on until an adult saw it and dragged me away, scolding that you’re not supposed to do that. But how else was I going to learn about dead bodies??? Right, by studying anatomy. Nobody’s dragging me away now, ha!

When I couldn’t find any dead animals to pick apart, I’d nestle into a comfy chair with a good book. I don’t have as much reading-time as I’d like to have nowadays, but the bookshelves at home hold a solid 400+ books. I still need to read quite a few of them, but I’m residing in a permanent state of denial of that fact. Buying books is just so much easier than reading them! Apart from reading and dead animals, creativity was also a very well-nurtured quality in my youth. Many people in my family are crafters and as such I was taught a lot of crafts from a very young age. This rubbed off on me as well, so the best evenings are the ones spent with a good film or television show and a craft project. The “Wait, what? I missed that”-playback and the “I just dropped a needle in my bed”-panic provide a great feeling of aliveness that can’t be compared to anything else if you’d ask me. I couldn’t bring my sewing machine here, so no big projects this year, but I did bring some smaller handcrafts and I’ve already started hand sewing an 18th century shirt. Why, you ask? Well, it will obviously look fantastic, and you never know when you need to look like either a slightly strange and otherworldly 18th century scholar, or an extravagant 18th century pirate sailing away to find, ahem steal, a great treasure. Besides, there’s no time like the present to develop an old skill!

Then there’s sports in the basic-character-sum-up. I’m not much of a sports person. I’ve done a bit of dancing as a kid but quit that a long time ago. After that I considered a lot of sports, but never really got the hang of any of it. Yet, many of my friends did archery and somehow, they managed to drag me along… And I loved it! Ever since I am a happy archer with my poison green compound bow. This is just the best sport, you guys. You stand on a line, shoot a few arrows, take a little walk to gather your arrows and then do it again. In the meantime, you get to socialize with your friends. What more does a sport need to be? I have an amazing club at home, but I’m pleased to report that there’s an incredible archery club at this uni! It’s a really great group of people, and it’s been wonderful getting to know them the past weeks! There is one category of sports I love to watch though: parasports, and most of all Murderball/wheelchair rugby. This is the greatest sport in the world, and no one can convince me otherwise. It’s strategic, fast, rough, and disabled. If you ever want to watch something new, go look it up.

I hope you can kind of figure out that I am a little… strange. But don’t worry if you ever meet me on campus, I don’t bite, and I would love to have a little chat! I’m the tiny blond girl with a sword in her hair and a green coat covered in pins, until it gets too cold for that. Good luck finding me then…

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Hello, my name is Sophie, I am a postgraduate in Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology from The Netherlands. I did my undergrad in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Education, I do archery, a lot of different crafts and I thoroughly love sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book.

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