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Winter is coming and our bed seems like the best comfort zone in the world. I found that during the cold season it’s a struggle to get out of bed and follow a gym routine. I soon realised that Fresher’s 15 was a reoccurring thing that happened during those months and decided I wanted consistency in my training. Going to the gym not only had obvious physical benefits but also helped me reduce stress and improve my productivity.

Following up on my previous blog on ‘finding the right gym for yourself guide’, I checked out the gyms around Dundee. So here are my top 3 recommendations, that got reviewed by friends and me –

  1. Institute of Sport & Exercise (ISE) – The university campus gym works well for me as it is the closest gym to my home (good motive) and they offer sports and swimming memberships as well. Being a student at Dundee University gives you discounted membership prices as well!

If you are part of a sports club, this would be a better gym option for your wallet as you could combine your gym and court usage privileges for an affordable price.

They also have an app where you can book their amazing classes ranging from Zumba to yoga and various other fitness programs. The app also lets you book spaces and know approximately how many people are at the gym.

A drawback for me using ISE were their limited opening timings. As a full-time medical student I am in hospital almost every day and tend to have spare time only during weekends. Thus, somtimes I find their timings quite challenging.

Website –

2) Pure Gym

The location is a big pro for this gym as it lies between the city centre and the university campus. Plus, its right around the corner near Lidl, so you can also do your groceries going back home. Their membership can be slightly more expensive compared to ISE. However, they do sometimes have student discounts so always check your UNiDAYS account. For November month, they are offering half price and zero joining fee on monthly memberships.

This gym has various other benefits like it’s open 24/7, you have access to sports water, exercise classes and massage chairs. You can also bring your friend 4 times a month to train (depending on your membership terms and conditions)

For me, the main barrier to go to this gym was its location. It took double the amount of time compared to going to ISE from my home. So my obvious decision was to go to ISE. Nevertheless, this gym’s membership benefits sounded amazing!

Website –

JD Gyms Dundee | Dundee's Newest Gym | Now Open | Join Online Now!

3.JD gyms

This gym had great reviews from my friends regarding their quality and range of equipment and how it was less crowded compared to the other two gyms. Since, its newly built it has modernised interior and great open spaces. Check out their virtual tour on their website, the gym design looks incredible.  They also offer over 300 classes and have access to free parking.

 At the moment, they are offering membership at £19.99 with no joining fees. It is costlier compared to the other two gyms. If you stay near Wellgate mall area, this gym location might appeal to you. Unlike puregym, it does have limited opening times.

Website –

Hope this information helps you decide the best gym for youself !

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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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