Should I watch this? Review of 10 Netflix hit movies

  1. Red Notice – 10/10

Should I watch this? Absolutely!!! I cannot stress enough how good this gem is. Such plot twists and great storyline, even has a guest star you would never expect to see.

 2. Love Hard – 5/10

Should I watch this? Only if you really enjoy extremely predictable, cheesy, Christmas rom-com movies. Otherwise it is not that interesting.

3. Freedom Writers – 9/10

Should I watch this? Yes yes yes. Such an inspirational movie! I have watched it many times over and it still gets me every time. Makes you think about societal issues and ways to overcome them in future generations. A must watch.

4. Hustlers – 8/10

Should I watch this? It’s funny, interesting and set in New York City. Need I say more?

5. After – 4/10

Should I watch this? I would avoid it if I could. While you want to see what happens after all (and you watch all the sequels but they don’t get any better), my suggestion would be to avoid it and save yourself some precious time. Extremely toxic, this bad adaptation of a good book is the epitome of “romance through the eyes of a 13 year old girl”, which romanticises abuse and sexualises relationships to an extreme.

6. Me Before You – 8/10

Should I watch this? If you want to cry, definitely. This story has no happy ending (sorry to spoil it for you), but it is a great watch; just be sure to pack tissues because you will need them.

7. Wild Child – 10/10

Should I watch this? It is such a classic that you just must watch it. Is it a basic concept? Yes. Is it executed in the most iconic way? Absolutely.

8. Murder Mystery – 6/10

Should I watch this? If you are bored and are like me and enjoy to binge-watch random things on Netflix then the answer is yes. It is a classic concept but two legendary actors star in it, and that makes all the difference.

9. He’s All That – 3/10

Should I watch this? No. Absolutely not. I would rate it lower but I just feel bad for all the cast members that are not Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae. Very overdone concept, very bad acting, lots of sponsorships and terrible writing.

10. American Murder: The Family Next Door

Should I watch this? Why haven’t you yet? While it depicts horrible events that will make you terribly sad, Netflix has produced it in a manner that is worth applause. I still keep up with the story and I believe you should too.

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