20 things to do before turning 20

As the time approaches for the big 2 and 0, I begin to wonder, have I done the things I should have done? Is it too late to do them 2 months before turning 20? (Pisces babies put your hands up!) Here is a list of things I feel like we all should have done before turning 20. (Do not take me too seriously.)

  1. Open a bank account: This one may seem obvious but trust me, not every 20 year old has a bank account. It changed my life when I opened my first one…and my second…and my third. just don’t get yourself in credit card debt please.
  2. Save up for rainy days. It doesn’t have to be a lot, even a few hundred could make a massive difference in a moment of need.
  3. Work, at least once. Now, different cultures have different views on working while being a young adult. As someone who comes from a background that believes students should be in no rush to find a job, working and making money on your own feels fabulous. It is super empowering and fills up my spare time!
  4. Invest in a good coat/dress/pair of shoes: a good product can last you decades, so invest in a basic item you will need (even if you only wear it a couple times a year). Having a coat to pass down to later generations is so cool, I own a jacket my mom bought years before I was born and it still looks new!
  5. Travel abroad. Your life will never be the same after you immerse yourself in different cultures. The sky is the limit.
  6. Keep an open mind. Don’t rush decisions or judge too quickly. Think things through and keep an open mind. You might surprise yourself with something beautiful if you change perspectives once in a while.
  7. Eat ice cream with friends in the winter. Indulge yourself!
  8. Party till the sun comes up. At least once, trust me.
  9. Create traditions. My friends and I have created small traditions that make a big difference.
  10. Find your “staple” hang out spot(s). Stick to them. In moment where you feel low, visiting these places can work wonders on your mood.
  11. Get regular check ups with your GP. Being young does not mean you are the epitome of health, take care of your body!
  12. Drive a car (or at least attempt to!).
  13. Get out of your comfort zone at least a handful of times. Does public speaking scare you? Find a crowd to talk to.
  14. Treat yourself to a nice dinner for one. You’re the main character.
  15. Sing your heart out in a crowd full of people. Get it out of your system without the judgement. (In a covid safe manner please).
  16. Love your body just the way it is. Don’t force stupid diets on yourself. Eat all the tasty stuff you like. You only live once and these years are a crucial part of the experience.
  17. Go camping (or in my case, glamping)! Experience the nature, feel the breeze on your cheeks.
  18. Volunteer and do charity work.
  19. Buy matching outfits with a friend.
  20. Capture it all on video or photos. Life is beautiful and you have a chance to keep the memories in high definition!
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