7 things I wish I knew before moving to Scotland

  1. Just because Dundee is “the sunniest city in Scotland” does not mean it will be sunny every day. Most days are gloomy, but they do have warm summers here!
  2. It can get VERY cold, so if you’re from a warm country, invest in warm boots, a coat and fluffy socks! You will most definitely need all the fluffy socks. Big full-length coats are preferable, as it gets super windy out here and your legs will most definitely be freezing.
  3. It takes a while to receive medical help/advice from your GP and scheduling appointments can be an absolute nightmare. It took me multiple days if not a full week to finally get in touch with a doctor after I had the worst cold of my life and was in desperate need for antibiotics. I was too scared to go to the hospital but you should definitely consider it if your issue is urgent.
  4. Some people will exclude you from social events just because you’re foreign. Yeah, you heard that right. Yeah, it sucks and we all wish we knew why they do it. But worry not, international students always have your back.
  5. While the job market is full with opportunities, it is quite difficult to land an actual job. It took me over 80 job applications to get my first interviews, and over 100 applications to land a job. Keep going, you got this! Do not allow rejections to dishearten you. The feeling of success is so empowering and it will eventually come.
  6. The housing market is even tougher. Finding something that suits your needs is almost impossible if you don’t have thousands available to spend on accommodation every month. It takes a lot of research and patience to land something semi-decent in Dundee and that’s a tough pill to swallow.
  7. Busses will be extremely late; plan ahead if you have somewhere to be. Lectures? Work? Never trust bus schedules, they most definitely will disappoint you, 95% of the time. Always have a Plan B in mind.

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