Questions to consider before moving in with someone: The guide to student living

It’s really difficult moving in with people you don’t know, especially when you have to organise it without the help of your university or a specialised accommodation company. Here are some questions to consider before choosing to move in with strangers.

  • Are you the same type of person? Do you both like to go out or host parties or are you both more comfortable with staying in and chilling with Netflix on. Pairing yourself with the same type of person is the first thing to do. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who will disapprove of your parties or your need to wind down with a good book.
  • Who cleans the messes? Set boundaries and rules. Look for people who are willing to follow them. Waking up to a dirty home with mouldy plates that haven’t been washed and trash that has not been taken out in weeks is the worst thing you could do to yourself.
  • Do I have to be friends with this person? Sometimes working it out with your roommate just doesn’t work out. Don’t feel pressured to be best of friends, just don’t be enemies or your day-to-day life will be miserable when co-living with someone you have zero communications with.
  • What do we share between us? Food, snacks, clothes, secrets? Some people like to share and others not so much. if your roommate is not keen to share, move on. They don’t deserve your Nutella anyways.
  • Are they trustworthy with bills and handling money? Who pays the bills? How will you split it? All equally important questions.
  • Do I trust this person enough to leave my room unlocked? If the person is not someone you would call in an emergency, maybe lock the door. I have had to find out the hard way that some people are just not that decent.

What else do you think someone should consider? Any stories to share?

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