Eating out in Dundee – Más

One of my favourite Mexican places in Dundee is Más. This cute restaurant is located at the end of Perth Road, near Sainsburys.

Mas - Dundee Restaurant - HappyCow

I have been going to this place for quite a while now especially on Tuesdays. Their ‘Tuesday Tacos’ deal gets you 50% off on all almost all tacos. So, the price originally starts at 7 pounds, ends up being 3.50 after the offer! Their menu considers vegetarian and gluten free options as well.

They recommend getting 2 dishes per person and I think that’s just about right. Their Tacos are quite filling as I struggled finishing 4 tacos just by myself. I suggest going to this place with your friends where you all could share and try out all the different variety of tacos (Menu picture below). As a vegetarian, I realised that there were only 2 taco options and requested them to add more. I hope they take in my feedback.

Apart from food, their service is excellent. They ask about your dietary preferences and spice tolerance when taking in your order. Food comes in quite quickly even on a busy night and they all are friendly.

Tip – make sure to book in advance. It’s usually always fully booked on Tuesdays.

Last week, my friends and I took a couple of pictures of the food we tried at Más –

The Quesadilla is not included in the deal

They have mystery flavor margarita drink every day, and my preference is always Mango!

Lastly, for deserts I always treat myself with Churros! They are so delicious especially in these cold winter months.

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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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