What’s it really like to study law at the University of Dundee ?

As exam season looms for many A-level and Scottish Higher students, the question that arises is ‘what’s next?’. I remember that feeling of the unknown, the stress and anxiety about where I was going to university, let alone what that meant. I never imagined starting university in the middle of a pandemic. It was very daunting at first and the fear of the unknown left me unsettled.

I can remember in those weeks before I left home, being anxious and constantly googling what to expect when I arrived at Dundee. But the day I was dropped off at university, all my fears disappeared, and I fell in love with Dundee.

So, to ease your minds in this already stressful period up to your exams, I want to share with you; the reality of what it is really like to study law at the University of Dundee.

I fell in love with law with the help of my lecturers. Their passion for the subject really motivates their students. Law requires a lot of reading around the subject and dedication.

A big difference at university is that you have to push yourself because no one is going to yell at you if you don’t turn up at a lecture. It’s a new responsibility. So read around the subject, ask questions, and just put the work in. It is as simple as that to succeed.

It will take a lot of hard work and requires you to balance your studies with other opportunities at university. But it is a balance between academic and social life. So, good luck with your exams and at the end of it university is worth it. I look forward to meeting you.


Written by:

Hi, my name is Rheia.

Here's a few facts about me:
- I am a second year English law student at the University of Dundee.
- I am 19 years old
- I am from Milton Keynes in England

Some things i like to do in my free time
- painting
- running
- cooking

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